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What’s the State of Vaping Today?

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you will probably be familiar with the practice of vaping. For the uninitiated, it's a sort of e-cigarette that's made of a battery, a heating element, and a cartridge that holds a liquid solution. This is also known as vape juice and often comes in a variety of flavors.

Vaping was invented in 2003 by a Chinese pharmacist by the name of Hon Lik. However, it didn’t really pick up in popularity until the 2010s. It was during this period that vaping culture boomed, and vape shops and communities became wildly popular.

However, it feels like the vaping trend has somewhat dwindled in recent years. In this article, let’s explore some of the reasons behind this and the state of vaping today.

1. Increase in Regulations

Over the years, there have been several regulatory changes that have affected the industry in a number of ways. In fact, several countries around the world quickly started to monitor and regulate vaping products.

Suffolk County, NY, was the first to regulate vaping by banning the sale of devices to those under the age of 19. It also put in place a restriction on vaping in public.

Oregon soon followed and, in 2010, took action against the vape company “Smoking Everywhere.” The company was hit with a fine of $95,000 and was no longer allowed to do business in the state.

More recently, in 2022,  Juul Labs, one of the biggest e-cigarette and vaping brands, was temporarily banned from selling its products by the FDA. It has also been facing a number of lawsuits and settlements due to allegations of enticing minors to buy their products.

There have been several such regulatory actions happening all across the country and the world, and they are not without consequences.

2. Vaping Continues to Be a Great Aid to Smoking De-addiction

While this was already a popular claim when vaping was gaining popularity, recent studies have only validated it even more. Smokers find it far easier to quit their nicotine addictions when they transition to vaping.

A key reason for this would be that it fulfills the behavioral aspect of smoking, providing the same hand-to-mouth action that many smokers find satisfying. This isn’t possible with other de-addiction aids like nicotine patches or chewing gum.

Moreover, despite the regulations and talk about health concerns, the vaping community is vast. However, as The Vapers World suggests, it’s best to be aware of the regulations in your region first. A quick search like “Vaping laws in your_state_name” should give you all the information you need.

It’s wise to take such precautions before trying to join a community dedicated to helping people use vaping to quit smoking.

One of the most common benefits that people claim when using vaping for de-addiction to smoking is that they generally feel healthier. They find it easier to breathe, and the fact that they don’t smell of cigarettes all the time is a major win for many.

It also helps that vaping is often easier on the pocket. Some people claim to have saved more than $800 a year after switching away from cigarettes.

3. More Research Is Being Done on the Health Effects

For some reason, the public tends to put all addictions in the same basket without considering their severity. It’s not uncommon to see people treat vapers as if they were addicts to heroin or fentanyl.

The truth is that 8% of Americans vape every other week. It’s highly likely that you have encountered a vaper and don’t even know it. Their minds aren’t affected in the same way that people who take dangerous drugs like fentanyl are.

Many vapers are well-educated and are eager to know more about how vaping affects their bodies. Most of them aren’t in denial or helpless in the same way that those addicted to hard drugs are.

These days, a lot of new research has been coming out that reveals various health concerns with vaping. However, many of these studies aren’t conducted in a comprehensive manner and tend to simply put a sensationalist spin on things.

There are some who argue that the dangers of vaping are on the same level as red meat. Sure, it’s probably not the healthiest thing in the world, but that doesn’t mean banning it is the right plan. This is especially true when it has become an excellent way to quit smoking, a far more dangerous practice.

In conclusion, the vaping scene today has calmed down a bit after its initial boom. Increasing regulations and research into their effects on health have been two major reasons for this.

At the same time, vapers continue to believe that the risks are often overblown. Moreover, they feel that the benefits in terms of avoiding nicotine cigarettes make it well worth it. Today, millions of Americans continue to vape and the community still thrives.

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