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How Serious is Covid-19 for Men Who Vape?

Covid-19 is breaking all hell loose all across the world despite the extreme precautions. It’s been affecting more people than anticipated and the death toll is getting higher every day.

There are plenty of coronavirus symptoms that match with respiratory infections and it is hard to tell if it is coronavirus or a simple infection.

That being said and coronavirus breaking out in every country, there are different rumors every single day. Some people said it is affecting people of elderly age, some said most men are becoming a victim of this disease, and some said it is attacking people who smoke or vape. 

But the truth is all types of coronavirus previous and new cause respiratory infections. They attack the lungs and from there, they put people who vape or smoke at higher risk of complications.

The same is the case with COVID-19. It causes an infection in the chest. It is also from a family of viruses that causes respiratory infections and spreads easily.

Why do ‘people who vape, or smoke’ are scared of COVID-19 implications?

People are scared and particularly men who vape or smoke are under a lot of pressure because of these revelations.

Whether they use an ooze vape pen or any high-quality cigarette, they are still at a high risk of getting infected according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. It is obvious that men who vape or smoke can have pulmonary inflammation and chronic lung disease.

It is normal for such men to have lung disease or asthma. They lack the immunity against chest infections and get to be at higher risk for severe illness from Covid-19. Another reason is that these people are already prone to getting chest infections.

Is there a connection between covid-19 and young victims?

As covid-19 has spread widely and made people sick, there have been different results from research studies as well. Some studies have found the connection between the men who vape or smoke and how they have picked the virus more quickly than those who don’t smoke or vape at all.

But it is all understudy still.

We are expected to make more progress with concrete results. According to one study people from ages, 20 to 44 have been affected hard because they either smoked or vaped. Some of the young patients need intubation and ventilation more than their elders.

Some say that they didn’t self-isolate themselves or practice social distancing but if they needed intubation, deep down they were vaping, and this could be a serious thing.

It is not just Covid-19 that is deadly, but it is their immune system that’s been compromised severely, and it doesn’t fight with any foreign infection even if it is Covid-19.

So, it can be concluded that men who vape or smoke are more susceptible to pulmonary complications after getting Covid-19 infection.

How lungs get infected by COVID-19?

The earliest symptom of Covid-19 shows tightness in the chest. Some people experience difficulty in breathing and fever as well. While a person is feeling tightness and pain in the chest, the virus can damage the lining of the air sacs in the lungs.

At this place, oxygen is delivered to the blood, but these sacs will be filled with mucus fluid, dead cells, and other debris caused by infection. This whole thing will block the oxygen supply from getting through.

This filling up of the air sacs appears white on a chest X-ray or CT scan of a patient with Covid-19 pneumonia. The air sacs typically full of air will appear black on radiographic studies.

When the lungs have oxygen blocked, they have to work hard to maintain the whole-body system because oxygen is needed for other organs. The stress placed on longs will cause the person to cough and if the pressure is increased, the organs in the human body are susceptible to failure one by one.

What will be the lung condition that can make COVID-19 symptoms worse?

Vaping can have implications on the lungs. These implications include shortness of breath, cough, and rapid and shallow breathing in men who vape.  This respiratory condition is known as EVALI because it is associated with vaping.

These things don’t develop immediately but after vaping for many years, lungs get damaged over time. Damage to air sacs can cause pneumonia occasionally. There is acute inflammation that many men who vape can experience.

All of these symptoms induce a chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. The COVID-19 would amplify these conditions and men who vape are expected to get worse over time.

Is there a truth to rumors that coronavirus is more deadly for men than women? Is there any connection to smoking in this?

These are not just rumors as the early data from China and Italy suggests that men were more susceptible to coronavirus than women. The death rate in infected men was seeming higher from 65% to 75% than in infected women.

One of the reasons behind this rumor is that women in these countries don’t smoke as much as men do, so it’s possible that men also had underlying lung conditions that made them die of coronavirus. But so far there is no concrete evidence that supports this theory.

How can vapers keep themselves safe?

Although there is a lot of negativity when it comes to vape, it isn’t that bad for health. It is a better alternative to smoking and it filters all sorts of dangerous materials involved in the cigarette.

Everyone who has switched to vaping knows the harms of vaping. But if you are scared of Covid-19 and need some help, follow the tips mentioned below:

  • If you are a hardcore smoker, switch to vaping as soon as possible because vaping is a better alternative
  • Vaping may lead you to quit smoking once and for all so switching to it was a good idea.
  • Discuss with your doctor what flavors and amount of it are healthy considering your health
  • Consider less consumption


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